Here’s What Our Happy Patients Say!

Sheena T

1 Mar 2022

“Wow, Super friendly Employees!! Easy Check-In. Super Professional!!! Just Amazing Service All Around!! Highly recommend it to All My Friends and Family!!! Felt like I was at home sitting in the Massage Chair. They gave me something to eat and drink. Check Them Out!!”

Melody S

15 Feb 2022

“The people and services are great!”

Carrie O'B

30 Jan 2022

“The staff was great. I got my treatment and am already feeling better.”

Aubrey J

28 Jan 2022

“The staff is great. I got treatment, and I felt 100 times better. Make sure you check them out.”

Tasha Doyle-J

13 Jan 2022

“Ladies are Absolutely Amazing! Extremely helpful and attentive to their clients' needs. Elko needed this. I definitely recommend them to everyone.”

Mindy W

21 Oct 2021

“Very knowledgeable, friendly staff- went for Botox but will be back for other services they offer. Definitely grateful and excited to see a medical spa in Elko offering these types of services. Check them out - you won't be disappointed!”

Dena K

22 Sep 2021

“I have been waiting for a local place to offer IV infusion! I went for the first time last week, and the experience was so nice and relaxing. The staff is super nice and helpful as well. I definitely could feel a difference after my appointment, and it just kept getting better as the days went on! I will definitely be back! ”

Brenda B

8 Sep 2021

“Good news! I finally found a place locally that has the IV nutrients I need! If you suffer from nutrient deficiencies, this is where you want to go—currently being pumped full of lots of good stuff. Wonderful staff to boot! Thankful ”

Julia B

6 Sep 2021

“Last November, I contracted Covid, and I have felt so fatigued since then. I called Elko Replenish Med Spa and set up an appointment to talk to Josie to see if she could help me. She was so kind and helpful, and I went and got my first IV treatment and B12 shot. Melissa, her RN, was amazing and made me feel so welcome! The next day I woke up earlier than normal and actually felt like I had energy. I am on day three and still feeling good! I urge anyone who is dealing with fatigue or illness to contact them. There are many different treatments available, and Josie was awesome with picking the right one for me!! I will be back! I'm so happy we have this here in Elko! ”

Joanna M

“I tried the immunity therapy IV infusion after 13 days of fighting COVID and still not feeling at my best. Like most, I suffered from extreme fatigue and exhaustion after the virus hit me. This, hands down, made my body feel replenished and revitalized! I can not thank their RN Melissa enough for her concierge service and compassion! She went out of her way to come to my home for my treatment. All so I could get better for my children. This gave me the boost and energy I needed to feel better. Seriously thank you for all you do!”

Nicole B

3 Sep 2021

“I tried the Immunity IV with B12 and D boosters to help with fatigue and Covid recovery. This is the first morning in 5 weeks I didn’t wake up exhausted! Thank you so much and I look forward to my next visit! ”

Misty P

23 Aug 2021

“This place is amazing. They truly care. They continue to check up on you to assure you are feeling well through your procedure. Josie and Melissa are very knowledgeable and explain everything thoroughly in a way you can understand. The prices are very affordable for the amazing care you get. Thank you both for your outstanding care.”

Viktoria V

5 Feb 2021

“A great and comfortable experience. The staff is very efficient, helpful, and friendly! Love the office, it is perfectly relaxing for IV therapy. 10/10 would recommend.”

Shakea J

20 Jan 2020

“Everything was so great!! I felt so comfortable and welcomed. My skin looks and feels amazing. I started seeing results the day after and still feeling them two weeks later. I will definitely be going back.”

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patients observed significant improvement in their physical health


stopped taking prescription medication for their symptoms

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